Striving & Thriving!

We have been BLESSED and CHALLENGED by our matchers to strive again this year, to help the Kollel and Cincinnati to continue to thrive together!

Last year, together, we successfully raised the funds to bring an additional four staff scholars to the Kollel. We are proud to report that the Kollel is closing in on its first year of its expansion, and it has been a resounding success!

     * 10 full-time Staff Scholars, studying and teaching Torah

     * Over 2x participation in both on-site and off-site learning programs

     * 2 Batei Midrash (study halls) in operation nightly

     …and many other milestones.

Let’s raise the funds TODAY to keep this success going!

Quadruple your Gift:
Every penny counts. Every person counts.

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Your donation goes four times farther with Charidy. For every dollar you donate, our matching donors will give $3 dollars—$4 for the gift of $1!

$100 becomes $400!
$180 becomes $720!
$1000 becomes $4,000!
$1,800 becomes $7,200!

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