Daily Minyanim


Day Time
Sunday 8:15am (preceded by learning @ 7:15)
Monday–Friday 7:20am
Shabbos N/A

Shacharis Exceptions

Shacharis may begin a bit later (25 min. before sunrise) during:

  • Daylight Savings Time: before March 18 and after October 13
  • Standard Time: December 10 – January 31

Please contact our office for the most update information.


Daylight Savings Time
Sunday–Thursday 5:45pm
Shabbos 6:30pm
Standard Time
Through January: February – March:
Sunday 1:15pm Sun – Thurs 5:45pm
Mon – Thurs 2:35pm
Shabbos 2:40pm Shabbos 2:40pm


Day Time
Sunday – Wednesday 9:45pm
Thursday 10:00pm
Shabbos N/A