Our Staff

Rabbi Meir Minster

As Rosh Kollel (Director), Rabbi Meir Minster oversees all of the learning of the Cincinnati Community Kollel. Ordained by the late Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg of Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Rabbi Minster leads the studies of the Kollel’s staff scholars and delivers a daily Daf Yomi class since the Kollel’s founding twenty years ago. His wife, Aviva, is a Co-Coordinator of Sarah’s Place and leads the Kollel’s annual women’s trip to Israel.

Rabbi Dovid Spetner

As Rosh Kollel (Director), Rabbi Spetner oversees all of the operations of the Cincinnati Community Kollel. A fifth-generation Midwesterner, Rabbi Spetner served as a congregational rabbi in Richmond, Virginia before moving to Cincinnati in 1995 to help establish the Kollel. His wife, Chaya Gittle, is an active mentor in Partners in Torah.

Rabbi Yitzchok Preis

Our Director of Outreach, Rabbi Yitzchok Preis, oversees all of the Kollel’s Connecting programs including Sarah’s Place, College Campus and Partners in Torah, among others. A graduate of Ner Israel and Johns Hopkins School of Engineering, Rabbi Preis has become a well-known Jewish educator in Cincinnati. Just for kicks, early every morning he leads the Kollel Dirshu Talmud study program. His wife, Rivka, is a Geriatric Occupational Therapist and the gracious hostess to endless programs in her home

Rabbi Chaim Heinemann

As Associate Director, Rabbi Chaim Heinemann looks for new ways to enhance the staff’s own learning and create new opportunities for the community to benefit from the Kollel. Every month, more than fifty people from all backgrounds join together for a delicious Sunday morning brunch and an entertaining, informative Torah class led by Rabbi Chaim Heinemann.

He is Cincinnati’s Certified Mohel, as well as being a trained shochet, and he holds ordination from several of Jerusalem’s leading rabbis. In addition, Chaim founded an early morning study group, Kollel Yisgaber K’ari, and he is the Secretary of the Cincinnati Beis Din. His wife, Sarah Kaila, holds a B.A. in Art and is a Graphic Designer and Computer Instructor at CHDS. The Heinemanns have been with the Kollel since 2011.